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    Inside/Experience Clean Vapor Technology Uses Tobacco Emits Only Odorless Water Vapor – NOT Smoke * Multiple Flavors offered / Non-Nicotine Options Available Designed & Created in the USA Authentic Tobacco Flavor Cost Per Use (approx. 13 puffs) 5 to 10 cents 5 to 10 cents 40 to 50 cents... Read more

    Ploom Review

    Ploom February 24, 2011 15

    Kit Price: $74.95 Flavors: 7 – See Below Blends: 2 – See Below Case Options: 2 – Black or White Pod Cost: $0.50 Overall Rating: The Ploom Vaporizer is the newest technology on the market available to consumers looking for a smoking alternative. For those smokers who are interested... Read more